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Mother Nature Wins

Mother Nature wins. Showing her respect is critical to our safety and hopefully she will calm down after this tantrum. But at NFIS we deal with tantrums everyday.

Emotion Coaching approach: "MN, I know you have been bottling things up and haven't fully expressed yourself in decades. That must be hard for you. You have a lot of power, but can use that in such beautiful ways when you create lovely sunsets and warm sunny days that allow us to enjoy our days together at the beach. Or even when you express your beautiful artistic qualities and talents with fall colors and cozy days. You're amazing and talented and let's see all of the beautiful things you can create for us that are still safe." I certainly wouldn't say to use deep breaths, she's already doing that and with deadly force!

Intensive Teaching approach: "okay MN, right now you are dumping snow all over the Midwest and throwing deadly temperatures all over the place. We'll talk and interact when you calm down and are safe.

Crisis Prevention approach: Assess if safety is a concern, get out of the path of danger, and call in the big dogs to take over--road commission and public safety folks.

Be safe everyone, stay warm. Spend a little extra time snuggling those kiddos on their 4th or 5th snow day! Today is a perfect day for baking, blanket forts, and old fashioned board games.

Credit: Mika Wilson-Everest

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