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Live Like Martha Staff Recognition

NFIS is pleased to recognize Hila Mitsuta as our "Live Like Martha" staff member. This staff recognition honors Martha Burns, former NFIS Board Member. Our agency seeks to honor her memory by recognizing staff members for exemplifying her caring character and compassion in everyday actions. Hila Mitsuta is recognized for going out of her way for a co worker. Hila made a point to check in on her co worker in the final weeks of her pregnancy arranging her schedule to provide a ride to our staff meeting so she would comfortable. It must have been an exciting staff meeting, because when her co worker was experiencing what would later be determined to be early labor, Hila encouraged and insisted she see her doctor. Hila’s co worker did not have to worry about anything except safe delivery, while Hila contacted her family and made sure she was settled in for her labor journey. Hila’s extra care and paying attention to the things that matter make a difference. Welcome to the world Baby Jerett!

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