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Family Specialist, Jim Hulbert, Practitioner of the Year

On Wednesday, November 7, 2018, the Teaching-Family Association recognized Jim Hulbert for his hard work and dedication to children and families in northern Michigan. Jim, a Family Specialist at Northern Family Intervention Services, was honored as the recipient of the international association’s Lonnie & Elaine Phillips Award at the 41st Annual Teaching Family Conference hosted by Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska. The Teaching-Family Association’s Lonnie & Elaine Phillips Award recognizes a Teaching-Family couple or individual practitioner who has demonstrated a level of professional excellence that reflects the highest standard of care established by our first Teaching-Parent practitioners, Lonnie & Elaine Phillips.

Jim Hulbert has provided TFA Home Based Services for the past twenty years working with over 300 families in northern Michigan and impacting over 1000 children. Parents consistently share that Jim was a lifesaver, helping them access resources, and teaching valuable skills. They particularly value that he was a “sounding board and they don’t feel judged”. One parent described Jim’s work as “a true calling for helping people.” And finally, “without Jim, I don’t think our family could have weathered this storm.” School and Community Agencies appreciate Jim’s communication “he bridged the gap” between the agency and the families he works.

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