"Keeping children safely in their family homes."

Services we provide:

Home-based services, wraparound services, family support, parent education, supervised visitation, adoption and foster care placement preservation, and family reunification.


Trained and certified family specialists and therapists:

  • teach valuable social, emotional and life skills

  • build and restore relationships

  • connect and coordinate natural and community supports

  • meet family needs, with visits flexibly scheduled in home and community settings, including weeknights

  • visit weekly to several times per week over 3 to 12 months based upon family needs

  • provide crisis intervention and consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to families enrolled in the program.


Our contracts and funding sources include:

Community mental health, department of health and human services, family courts, and private insurance.


NFIS’s evidence-based services make a difference in the lives of the families we serve. 


Northern Family Intervention Services is an Accredited Teaching-Family Model (TFM) program, an evidence-based and family-centered approach to the treatment of children, youth, families and adults.

  • OUR FOCUS: Keeping Families Safely Together

  • SAFETY: We emphasize physical, psychological and emotional safety.

  • FAMILY-FOCUSED: Services are provided to the whole family, working individually as needed.

  • INDIVIDUALIZED: NFIS engages families in effective goal setting and strategies that meet their vision.

  • SOLUTION-FOCUSED: All families have strengths and we focus on identifying and building on their strengths.

  • SKILL-BASED: We focus on teaching pro-social skills and increasing protective factors.

  • TRAUMA-INFORMED: Many families have experienced different types of adverse events and need support and understanding of the impact of those events on their daily lives.

  • RELATIONSHIP-BASED: Everything we do supports building and strengthening relationships. Healthy, consistently relationships are essential for growth and development.




NFIS services can help families address and overcome:

  • defiance or authority conflicts

  • depression or mental illness

  • physical and verbal aggression

  • domestic violence

  • financial instability

  • delinquent behavior

  • neglect or abuse

  • school behavior issues

  • homelessness

  • grief and loss

  • suicide threats and ideation

  • hyperactivity

  • drug and alcohol use

  • inadequate housing

Have Questions? Contact us

If there are any specific questions regarding a family's individual needs, the appropriateness of this service for a family or child, or how to contract with our agency or access services, please contact us.

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